New Live Performance Guidelines

Due to the current Covid situation and social distancing guidelines, there are several changes to our live performances.

West Forsyth High School and Studio West Backstage, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any exposure or illness during or after attending a live performance. Each audience member and volunteer in attendance agree that they do not have any symptoms of Covid and do not suspect being in contact with someone who has tested positive within the prior TWO weeks.

Theatre capacity, seating arrangements and protocol:

In order for us to host live performances during this pandemic, we must adhere to strict guidelines. We can only seat 200 people in the theater at any given time (almost half capacity). All tickets will be available for purchase on our website and, depending on the show, we may sell remaining tickets at the door via credit or debit card. We are NOT ALLOWED to handle cash at this time.

We will have a first-come, first-served line to enter the building prior to the doors opening. We request the line to form under the overhang to the left of the doors. All lines will be monitored for social distancing and masks will be expected. Each family/group will be ushered into the theater and seated according to our social distance guidelines. We cannot have more than 4 people sit together. If your group is larger than 4, you will have to be split up. We will do our best to accommodate your seating requests but cannot guarantee any special seating. There will need to be 2 seats in between each group and every other row unoccupied. We will reserve the front and back rows for handicap accessibility and media.

Once we are at full capacity, we will post a notice on our social media pages and website. There may be a possibility for some of our shows to be available to purchase a ticket for either a live stream or video on demand, once our seating capacity is met.

Also, during these uncertain times, there may be changes to our policies and there may be a chance that our live, in person shows, may be cancelled. We will notify everyone of any said changes or cancellations.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your cooperation during these restricted times.

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