Advanced Drama studies the artistic, technical, management, and performance elements of a live theatre production. As a part of the planning, rehearsal, and performance, students assume positions of responsibility and demonstrate basic knowledge and skills in acting, directing, artistic criticism, script analysis, staging, character creation, vocal techniques, and physical movement. Students recognize the responsibilities of the producer, director, actors, designers, technicians, and managers through collaboration in the creation of a theatre performance.

Need to pay dues?

Studio West requires class fees to fund program initiatives which include show licensing, music, set materials, costumes, props, technical equipment, teaching artists for workshops/masterclasses, meals for performances, transportation for performances and competitions, and more. If you’re enrolled in more than one of the above classes, you are only required to pay the $400 fee once.

$100 due per each nine weeks. Students are welcome to pay all at once, or follow the payment schedule below:

September 2nd, 2020      October 15th, 2020      January 15th, 2021      March 15th, 2021


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